World Cup round of 16 tournament

2010 World Cup round of 16 Pool

We will be accepting entries soon after the teams are announced (June 25, after 5 PM).
  • The submission fee is 1.00
  • No more submissions accepted after the games start (June 26, noon).
Until then, you can use the links below for demonstrative purposes
You can ....
  • Submit an entry
  • View current standings: sort by name, points, date, or games
  • View your (or anyone else's) entry ... this will be enabled after the tournament starts (when no more entries are being accepted)
    For demo purposes... until games start, you can try out the view an entry link
  • View current winning teams ... this will be continuously updated, though perhaps with a day or so delay
The above links work best under NetScape or FireFox -- you can use Internet Explorer, but screen updating is kind of hurky-jerky.

Contact: daniel

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